"Really challenged the way I approach coaching athletes and coaching other coaches through their teachings in this book. For any coaches out there looking for an edge, Cracking the Coaching Code should be a must-have on your bookshelf."

Andrew Bartman

Director, Coaching Development for USA Baseball

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What's Inside

Real-world, relatable stories.

This book gives coaches real world tools, applications, and lessons to help them become their best self and tap the full potential of their athletes turning them into successful and productive men and women.
By using the key process of reviewing, resetting, and resolving (R^3) we provide a timeless and situation agnostic tool that anybody can use to ensure that they align their behavior with the outcomes they desire.


Editorial Reviews

“As a College Baseball Coach for nearly 4 decades and USA 18U National Coach, I’m excited about what Cracking the Coaching Code can do for all coaches and athletes. This well thought out blueprint, along with the stories, insights, and experiences, are great teaching tools for becoming more successful coaches, athletes, and people! A thoughtful read to improve your everyday life!”

Jack Leggett

38 Year College Baseball Coach
18 U National Team Manager (2018-2019)
ABCA Hall of Famer 2014

“Dr. Caposey and Dr. Wills have put together a must read for coaches across all sports at all levels. Their deep dive into self-awareness for coaches and discovering the varied personalities of individual team members will help create successful coaches in all arenas. Successful coaching is discovering and managing the personalities of team members, and they have established the blueprint for that type of success.”

Craig Anderson
Executive Director, Illinois High School Association


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