Real-world, relatable stories.

This book will impact everyone reading on their court, field, or arena – but importantly will help them become a better person who has greater influence in their own lives.
This book gives coaches real world tools, applications, and lessons to help them become their best self and tap the full potential of their athletes turning them into successful and productive men and women. Authenticity is the key to success, especially in the coaching world.
Deep Dive into the Enneagram
Self-Awareness Increasing Process of Review - Reset – Resolve
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Dr. PJ Caposey

PJ Caposey is the Illinois State Superintendent of the Year and a Finalist for the National Superintendent of the Year through the American Association of School Administrators. PJ is a best-selling author, dynamic speaker, and a transformational leader and educator with an incredible track record of success.

Dr. Bryan Wills

Dr. Bryan Wills is a chiropractor, entrepreneur, executive coach, and a dynamic speaker. Bryan opened his first chiropractic office right after he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in a rural community in northern Illinois. He has gone on to open up two more highly successful practices in Rockford, IL built with the same small-town values as the original of Family, Integrity, and Authenticity.


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